Top Hair Loss Solutions Review

Best Hair Loss Remedies They don’t call it your “crowning glory” for nothing. For centuries, a head full of thick, healthy, and lustrous hair has been a benchmark for beauty not just for women but for men as well.

Healthy locks initially started out as a come-on for prehistoric man as they signified good health and good genes that could be passed on to one’s offspring. This sort of view endured even well into the dawn of civilization as a well-kept head of hair was seen as a symbol of youth, vigor, and prosperity.

Though the human race is now well into the 21st century, but little has changed with regards to popular perception on hair. Given the millions of dollars that the hair care industry generates on a yearly basis, it is safe to assume that people still pay a great deal of attention to their hair.

Bald spots and thinning hair continue to plague a good percentage of the population as these problems tend to make you look a great deal older and more haggard than you actually are.

Enter the growing market for a variety of hair loss solutions. From the old-fashioned and organic to the revolutionary and cutting edge solutions, there are an endless variety of products available for anyone who wants to revitalize their scalp.

So, in the race to stopping hair loss and keeping hair growing, which top hair loss treatments live up to the hype?

Top Natural Hair Regrowth Products Out There

As of now, there are five products that come to mind where hair loss solutions are concerned: Har Vokse, Revivogen, Profollica, Propecia, and Rogaine Foam.

harvokse hair loss treatment

Har Vokse Hair Regrowth Product

Har Vokse Hair Regrowth Product is acknowledged as one of the best hair products right now. It was developed by a group of Oslo, Norway based scientists who decided to formulate a product that works to both prevent hair loss and also encourages hair regrowth using only natural ingredients.

It is for both men and women. The har vokse hair loss treatment set consists of two formulas or products – the har vokse supplement and the har vokse hair spray.

The Har Vokse Hair Regrowth Spray first and foremost prevents the inflammation of the scalp. This helps clean the scalp and remove dead skin cells, which goes a long way in stopping further hair loss. This spray also strengthens current hair, meaning current hair is prevented from falling off as well. The spray when used also helps prepare the scalp for new hair to grow again.

The har vokse hair growth supplement when taken supplies the needed nutrients lacking in the system to strengthen the hair and thus prevent hair loss from inside the body. The nutrients also promote hair regrowth.

Deficiencies in some nutrients are sometimes the cause of hair loss, and so the supplement’s function is to restore these nutrients and provide the body with the substances it needs to encourage better hair growth and hair strength.

It is advised the two products in the Har Vokse Hair Regrowth set be used hand in hand. Customers have reported excellent positive results when those two are used together.

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natural hairloss treatment review Revivogen is a dermatogically-formulated treatment that is meant to be topically applied to encourage hair growth. It is comprised of three components (scalp therapy, bio-cleansing shampoo, and thickening conditioner), which are all supposedly made out of naturally-occurring ingredients. Revivogen’s active ingredients include hair regrowth mainstays like linoleic acid, azelaic acid, zinc, vitamin B6, gamma linolenic acid, and beta sitosterol.

This hair treatment is put to use by applying about 2 ml of the scalp treatment solution on the scalp using the included dropper. The solution should then be massaged into the scalp with the fingers and left overnight before you wash with the bio-cleansing shampoo the next morning.

After leaving the shampoo on for a few minutes, it should be rinsed off and the thickening conditioner should be applied. The conditioner is meant to add volume to the thinning strands during the treatment program.

The product’s manufacturers have claimed that regular and proper use of Revivogen could stop thinning hair in as little as one month. This claim has yet to be proven, but previous users have actually seen some improvement during the treatment period of about six months.

Another advantage that Revivogen presents is that it can be used along with other hair regrowth products. Also, its usage can be gradually reduced over the treatment period and clients can taper its usage from five times a week to three times a week once they are about halfway through the treatment period.

So far, the only disadvantage associated with the product is that it can cause the scalp to itch or to turn a bit red at the beginning of the treatment. However, this minimal side effect has only been noted among users with particularly sensitive scalps.


top hair loss treatments Propecia, on the other hand, is a hair regrowth product that is orally taken in the form of a pill rather than topically applied. It is a supplement that is meant to help you either retain a full head of hair or to prevent any further hair loss from happening.

The active ingredient in Propecia is called Finasteride. It is a medication that is meant to reduce the effects of the hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone) on the body as this hormone is the one responsible for male-pattern baldness. Propecia basically works by suppressing the formation of DHT in one’s system to stop thinning hair.

The biggest advantage presented by Propecia is that it is considered to be a highly effective solution to stop thinning hair. This is largely because it tackles the problem on a hormonal level, so this approach often yields powerful results. Up to 83% of those who took the supplement were quite happy with the results they got from the treatment.

As for the downside, Propecia’s effectiveness is limited to male patients since it was mainly formulated to combat male-pattern baldness. Female patients who are struggling with hair loss are not advised to take the supplement as it may not react well with their system.


Rogaine Foam

Har-Vokse-before-after photos
Rogaine Foam, on the other hand, has variants that specifically address the hair loss concerns of both men and women. It is a foamy substance that is applied directly to the scalp to stimulate hair growth. Rogaine Foam is especially helpful for women who are suffering from balding patches as the texture of the substance makes it ideal for spot treatment.

Minoxidil is the active ingredient in Rogaine Foam and it functions as a hair growth stimulant. Rogaine Foam is actually an improvement on an older Rogaine Formula, which came in liquid form and had to be applied with an eye dropper.

Unfortunately, this incarnation took a while to dry and the concentration of Minoxidil in it tended to irritate the scalps of quite a few users, who ended up quitting the treatment altogether as a result.

With Rogaine Foam, on the other hand, application is much easier as the foam dries up more quickly and the new formula is more hypoallergenic. Another advantage with this foam is that it has been shown to be very effective in stimulating hair growth. About 85% of the test subjects reported a marked improvement after the treatment.

The only disadvantage with this treatment is that you do need to wait a while to see some results. A minimum of six months is required for best results while a few users have reported seeing the full effects after two years.


Clearly, all of the top hair loss treatments have their pros and cons. However, all of them have proven to be quite effective at addressing the issue and the only thing you need to consider is which solution would be most appropriate for your situation.


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