Natural Hair Loss Treatments

natural hair loss remedies Have you started to notice more hair strands left on your pillow when you get out of bed? Are there more strands on your brush when you are done styling your hair? Has a big chunk of your hair started to pool around the shower drain?

These scenarios can send shivers down anyone’s spine. Even the mere thought of losing one’s hair can send panic signals. Unfortunately, hair loss is bound to happen. Often, it is due to getting old.

By the age of 50, thinning hair with flecks of gray color are inevitable. As the body ages, the production of pigment comes to a standstill.
Shrinking hair follicles produce thinner hair that is hard to see. At the same time, oil glands in the scalp are not as productive as before.

The list of reasons for losing one’s hair is extensive. But regardless of how and why it happened, you can bet there is a cure that someone has tried in an attempt to stop hair loss and hopefully, grow it back. The clamor for a definitive hair loss treatment has increased over the years with some cases causing extreme anxiety in people affected by it.

Types of Hair Loss Treatments

har vokse hair regrowth review The number of cures for hair loss is as long as the list of reasons behind it. The diversity of therapies include topical medications, surgical procedures, and of late, herbal treatments.

The use of topical medications for hair loss is due largely to its convenience and accessibility. Popular examples of this type of therapy include Minoxidil also branded as Rogaine, Har Vokse, Ketoconazole, and Melatonin.
Minoxidil is known to increase the size of hair follicles and it works to increase the length of time that hair is in its growth phase. FDA regulations suggest a five percent solution of Minoxidil for men while women may use a two percent solution.

For best results, experts advise a dosage of 25 drops for each application on a clean, dry scalp two times a day. However, it is important to use this product with care as it can cause hair growth in other parts of the body as well. So it is best to wash the hands thoroughly after every use.

Men afflicted with male pattern baldness, women with genetic hair loss, and people who have lost hair due to an accident or injury often seek out surgical hair replacement procedures for help. The methods include hair grafting and scalp reduction.

Hair grafting, also known as hair transplantation, is a surgical procedure that takes a strip of scalp with hair from the back of a patient’s head. This hair is transplanted to fill another area where hair growth has thinned or no longer grows. This method involves the use of local anesthesia.

A more serious medical procedure, scalp reduction involves cutting away the bald part of the head. Afterwards, the edges of the scalp with distinct hair growth is sewn together. However, the method can disfigure a patient’s appearance altogether.


The Alternative Forms for Hair Loss Treatments

thining hair remedies Nowadays, many people are opting for alternative forms of medication and favoring herbal hair loss treatments. These therapies would use natural methods that can be applied or taken orally to prevent hair loss or stop hair loss.
It is said that people can prevent hair loss simply by altering their way of life.

This starts with having a healthy diet that will promote radiant hair growth. Nutritionists advise the inclusion of protein, which is a substance that can help fortify hair and stimulate its growth. Foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids can also help improve scalp conditions. Make sure to include eggs and fish. Nuts and seeds are a good dietary source of biotin that also promotes a healthy scalp.

Among herbs, it is said the rosemary can stop hair loss and it has been widely used for centuries. When applied directly to the scalp, the essential oil can stimulate hair growth and curb the collection of sebum. Scalp oil or sebum plugs up the hair follicles thus causing hair loss. Even a drink of rosemary tea has been said to be beneficial to scalp.

Another herb that is believed to have the ability to stop hair loss among men is saw palmetto. Also known as serenoa repens, herbalists have long touted its powers for hair growth.

Aloe vera is another effective herb known to stop hair loss. Its effectiveness is said to double when combined with coconut milk. The use of aloe vera stimulates blood circulation that in turn will foster hair to grow.

Horsetail is another important herb for hair. It helps to strengthen hairs as well as bones and nails. Because of its value, it is often an ingredient in many commercial hair products.

Provillus Hair Loss Treatment with FDA Approved Ingredients

provillus hair loss treatment review Trying to make sense of all these remedies can be confusing. This is particularly true for men who are not inclined to pore over the details. To overcome this dilemma, Provillus has created a natural hair loss treatment for men suffering with male pattern baldness.

The product will save men from the difficulty and embarrassment of having to shop around for an effective treatment. It does not require painful recovery from surgery.
Provillus for men is a supplement that contains natural ingredients that have been combined to create a potent treatment in a capsule. It poses no serious side effects to users. Upon purchase, the supplements are accompanied by a topical kit to compliment hair growth further.

The advantages of taking Provillus include the rejuvenation of hair follicles that will help in the promotion of hair growth. Users can be assured of its safety, as production of the product follows strict FDA guidelines.

Provillus is highly recognized by experts as an effective treatment for hair loss. Unlike other medications that require a prescription, Provillus can be purchased from the brand’s official website. The manufacturers are confident about their product that they also offer an exclusive risk-free trial.

Take control of your hair loss today before it gets out of hand. Check out the Provillus natural hair loss treatment for men now and see a hairy difference in just a few weeks.


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